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    "Making Dreams Come True One Home At A Time"
    My name is Shane Derrick, I am a husband and proud father of 5. I have been in the construction business since 1987 carrying on a family tradition (5th generation) of bringing clients remodeling, additions and home repair dreams to life. We at RRR take pride in providing services that exceed all expectations and always beyond ~ beating competitive prices.  Many often ask what RRR means?  It stands for: Rapid, Reasonable and Reliable!! A name my wife came up with many years ago while she described my company, work ethics and the way I wanted my name to reflect my ideas. I never disappoint my clients and we always give every project that extra eye for detail that never fails to stand out. We look forward to to working for you and giving  your home that extra pazazz that will leave your neighbors and friends envious. Call/Text Shane Derrick 805.674.5361 or email derrick0808@gmail.com for any questions or to get a Free Estimate....For more job photos at RRR Construction Job Photos
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